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Live in PEACE

Live in PEACE, originally uploaded by Picklu.

While I captured this photo it was just a photo I didnt realize the meaning of this photo!!! Really its true… then my intention was just to capture a nice photo… This photo was captured in the Eve of Christmas (2008)… may be showing respect for their lives is different or varies religion to religion but we do…
Now I’m feeling something different… Yesterday one of my best friends mother died… it was really early… SHE was sick (cancer) but not so sick to die… few days back also SHE was OK… but GOD knows what happened or what HE LIKE!!! I was really very close to their family but at the last moment I really could not do nothing to them… My that friend is living in US… Few months ago he came to visit here. Did he knows that its his last meeting… When I heard the news early in the morning then I was sleeping with my mother & I heard that one of my best friends mother DIED… I had nothing to do without sacrificing my tears on my mother’s leap as already they were on the way to Chittagong… If my condition is such then what about my that friend who is far far miles away from the country… Today I just remembered those days… what we passed in that family how SHE behaved with me… with us… we were just like HER another son, SHE sometime scolded us, sometime loved us… but now… SHE is far far away from us… SHE went in such place from where on one will return… We know everyone will go… but its too too much early…
Anyway may HER soul Live in PEACE & Please GOD give strength to benumbed family to overcome the MOURN…!!!…

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  1. July 19, 2009 at 1:40 pm

    touch my soul to see the capture also read the txt

  2. July 19, 2009 at 2:58 pm

    Thanks for visiting my blog… its really pleasure of mine that some1 is reading & it touch some1’s heart 🙂

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