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AdGaurd for blocking ads and tracker!

Hi, I just want to share my own experience of blocking the ads and trackers in PCs and Android devices. In PC normally we do use some kind of antivirus but normally we are not aware of the tracker, many sites always use that information for tracking our web activity and in case of mobile, we really do not think about these things! But I care. Again I do not want to see any kinds of advertisement in my browser or on my mobile apps. That’s why also bought so many apps for my android devices. By the way, I like to do some tricks with my devices. The first thing I do with my phone is how to do root and unlock the bootloader to use TWRP for flashing… Previously I used SuperSU but now using Magisk for Systemless root, which is now compatible with Android Pay.

For blocking ads in my android I used AdAway which is really nice but you need to become root. As for ad blocking it modifies the hosts files in the mobile and blocks the ads. But it cannot block the tracking. Then I was looking for the alternatives which will block the ads as well as can block the tracking. Then I found AdGuard. Did some research before installing and google for reviews… I found it’s good for using. I started with a trial on my mobile. The good thing about this is that you do not have to be root for using this. Without being root you can block ads and track in your device. I am sure if you try you will like it. When I found it is good for android and PC then I decided to purchase. Instead of going for a monthly subscription I found a lifetime license is a good option. I purchased a license for 2 PCs and 2 android devices. Like now you can see 30% off for back to school!

AdAway (root):

AdGuard (universal):

Eid Mubarak – 2015 আর কিছু স্কুল/কলেজ জীবনের স্মৃতি!!!

এখন সবার কাছেই ঈদের মজা ভিন্ন ভিন্ন, সময়ের সাথে সাথে সব কিছুই বদলে যায়… শুধু রয়ে যায় স্মৃতি!!!

আগে ঈদ মানে ছিল চাঁদ রাতেই Rumee​ বাসায় গিয়ে ছাদে উঠে গান শুনা আর অনেক রাত করে বাসায় ফেরা… কতই না স্মৃতি আছে ঐ বাসার ছাদে!!!

সকালের খাবারটা রুমির বাসায় অলিখিত ভাবে ফিক্সড করা! খাবার শেষে রাস্তায় আড্ডা দেয়া আর মেয়ে দেখা! ঈদের দিনে বেশি করে সাজুগুজু করে তো!

আর দুপুর বেলা বেশিরভাগ বন্ধুই নিজেদের বাসায় খাবার খেলেও রোজার ঈদে আমার জন্য Mishu​ র বাসায় খাবার ছিল বরাদ্দ আর সাথে অন্যরাও থাকত…

এখন রুমি আর মিশু দুইজনই সময়ের আর কাজের তাগিদে রাজধানীবাসি… সবাই এখন বড় হয়েছি, সব প্রায়ই বন্ধুরাই বিবাহিত আর অনেকেই বাচ্চা কাচ্চার বাবা, আগে পরিবারকে সময় দিয়ে তার পরে বন্ধুদের কথা, তাই এখন আর আড্ডা আগের মত জমে না, আর সময়ের সাথে সাথে মানুষের মন মানসিকতা বদল হয়েছে, এসেছে জীবনধারায় পরিবর্তন!!!

এই ঈদ নিয়ে রয়েছে কতই না স্মৃতি… আর এখন বড় হবার সাথে সাথে সব কিছুর মানে পাল্টে গিয়েছে, এসেছে অনেক দায়িত্ব…

আমি স্কুল/কলেজ জীবনের ঈদকে বড় বেশি মিস করি… 😦

সবাইকে ঈদ মুবারক!!!

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One Name – Picklu!!!

amar “PICKLU” name ta ektu peculiar hoite pare kintu eita amar kase boro e valo lage! ei name e domain kinesi sei onek age! prothome .net kinesilam then onek kahini kore .com kinesi!!! ar mobile num o manage koresi, ar onnano social site o PICKLU manage koresi, jeigulate 1st time pai nai seigulate trademark/Impersonation request koresi ar tara o amar req e sara diyese!!! ei site gular moddhe #Twitter, #Instagram ar #Pinterest ar ami ekhon seigula valo kore use kortesi!!!

Just One name you can find me!
gmail -> picklu

My love! <3

Cell: 017-XX-PICKLU

Am I missing something!!! 😉

Sorry for long post!

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Noyono Tomare Pay Na Dekhite by Ornob lyrics

October 24, 2011 1 comment

noyono tomare pay na dekhite
royeso noyone noyone
hridoyo tomare pay na janite
hridoye royeso gopone
royeso noyone noyone

bashonar boshe mono obiroto
dhay roshoni shei pagolero moto
stiro akhi tumi porome shototo
jagicho shoyone shopone
royeso noyone noyone
noyono tomare pay na dekhite
royeso noyone noyone

shobai chereche nai jar keuho
tumi acho tar ache tobo sneho
nirasroyo jonomo potho jaro keho
sheo ache tobo vobone(2)

tumi sara keho shathi nai ar
shomukhe ononto jibono bistar
kal parapar koriteso par
keho nahi jane kemone
royeso noyone noyone
noyono tomare pay na dekhite
royeso noyone noyone

jani shudhu tumi acho tai achi
tumi pranomoy tai ami bachi
joto pai tomay aro toto jachi
joto jani toto janine (2)

jani ami tomay pabo nirontor
lok lokantore jugo jugantore
tumi ar ami majhe keho nai
kono badha nai vubone
royeso noyone noyone
noyono tomare pay na dekhite
royeso noyone noyone
hridoyo tomare pay na janite
hridoye royeso gopone
royeso noyone noyone
noyono tomare pay na dekhite
royeso noyone noyone 

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RELATIONSHIP user manual “for MEN only”

Just finished watching a hindi movie… named “Pyar Ka Panchnama” its really awesome time pass. After a long time I watched this type of movie! I loved the story of the movie… I think its 100% true fact!!! 😛

Anyways I liked the manual of relationship! hope it might help U (its for MEN only :P)

1. GIRLFRIEND is always right
2. HAIR no, SEXY no more
4. TO BE or ’32B’
5. JAGTE RAHO (dont fall into SLEEP)…

fire in Motijheel!!!

Around 4:45am still I’m in the office & my job is almost done… I was sitting in a silent room… Sudden I listen the shouting of people that fire fire… Then I just look outside from our room then just a little fire but after a few moment it spread!!! its the back side of Adamjee Court Building 1. We also informed the fire service dept… & all our superior bosses… here are some shots & video captured from my mobile…

Here is the video…

When I’m posting this video fire almost in control…

GOD help us all from natural disaster…

airtel theme with bangladeshi traditional instruments…

AirTel theme with Bangladeshi Traditional Instruments (Flute, Dootara, Violin) @BICC Being Aitel Program on 26 May’10.

Work for livelihood…

We need to do hard work to lead our life nicely… no matter its physically or mentally… but we need to do… one person may be illiterate or semi literate who does not ability to do so GOOD work unless he is not doing any bad to other that should be treated as good job. Its not really matter what s/he is doing if s/he is fair to the family or in the vast word to the society then that should be treated as GOOD job. I salute those people.

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Live in PEACE

Live in PEACE, originally uploaded by Picklu.

While I captured this photo it was just a photo I didnt realize the meaning of this photo!!! Really its true… then my intention was just to capture a nice photo… This photo was captured in the Eve of Christmas (2008)… may be showing respect for their lives is different or varies religion to religion but we do…
Now I’m feeling something different… Yesterday one of my best friends mother died… it was really early… SHE was sick (cancer) but not so sick to die… few days back also SHE was OK… but GOD knows what happened or what HE LIKE!!! I was really very close to their family but at the last moment I really could not do nothing to them… My that friend is living in US… Few months ago he came to visit here. Did he knows that its his last meeting… When I heard the news early in the morning then I was sleeping with my mother & I heard that one of my best friends mother DIED… I had nothing to do without sacrificing my tears on my mother’s leap as already they were on the way to Chittagong… If my condition is such then what about my that friend who is far far miles away from the country… Today I just remembered those days… what we passed in that family how SHE behaved with me… with us… we were just like HER another son, SHE sometime scolded us, sometime loved us… but now… SHE is far far away from us… SHE went in such place from where on one will return… We know everyone will go… but its too too much early…
Anyway may HER soul Live in PEACE & Please GOD give strength to benumbed family to overcome the MOURN…!!!…

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Touching Story…

all over the people express LOVE in same way. Love can make people to sacrifice his/her precious thing for beloved person.

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