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New Google Bar

New Google Bar for chorme:

If you’d rather just follow a list, here it is, courtesy of Maxilian Majewski:

1. Go get this extension to change cookies.
2. Load and right-click to edit the cookies.
3. Change “PREF” to this (try triple-clicking it):
4. Don’t forget to save your changes at the bottom.
5. Reload and you have the new Google bar.
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Google Plus Keyboard Shortcuts


Google+ Shortcut Keys

Key Action
J Scroll down to next Google+ stream update
K Scroll up to previous Google+ stream update
QQ Pressing Q twice moves your cursor the search box in the “chat” section of Google+
Space Scroll down stream by regular intervals
Space + Shift Scroll up stream by regular intervals
Enter When a stream update is selected Enter moves your cursor to the comment box
Enter + Tab Submit comment
@ @ followed by a username is used to mention someone in a post or share the post with them

Formatting Text in Google Plus

Key Action
* Use the * symbol to denote the beginning and end of bold text- *This would appear bold in Google+*
_ Use the _ symbol to denote the beginning and end of italics text– _This would appear in italics in Google+_
Use the – symbol to denote the beginning and end of strikethrough text– -This would appear in strikethrough in Google+

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